Web Financial Group wins “Best Web Front End System” recognition at the Systems in the City 2021 Fintech Awards

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Gemma Godfrey announced the winners of the Systems in the City (SITC) 2021 Fintech Awards, managed by Goodacre UK, during an online ceremony hosted on 29th June, 2021.

Celebrating the City’s leading systems and service providers, these awards represent and recognise outstanding performance and innovation across the industry. Based on an independent and factual annual accreditation process, they are overseen by three independent judges and are seen as a benchmark of excellence for suppliers of services and systems to the regulated financial services sector

And for the seventh consecutive year, Web Financial Group (WebFG) has received the recognition of the UK Financial Services Industry being awarded as “Best Front End Web System” during the Systems in the City 2021 Fintech Awards.

David Tibbetts, Managing Director UK of Web Financial Group, was on hand to receive the award: “Our award for Best Web Front End System is the result of the very hard work put in by our teams across Europe to develop and support the tools to manage, optimize and deliver data with seamless efficiency to our clients”.

Furthermore, WebFG´s UK Head of Support Don Dhanushka has won the Outstanding Customer Service Standards Individual award having been recognised by WebFG´s clients, partners, Goodacre and many other companies.


Web Financial Group (WebFG) is one of the world’s leading independent providers of digital transformation solutions to the financial industry, backed by Bridgepoint and Deutsche Ballaton.

The future of the financial industry is digital, real time and fully connected. Born from innovation, WebFG’s forward-thinking digital approach enables the financial services industry to realize the true power of digital transformation and stay ahead of the competition.

WebFG devises bespoke digital solutions by harnessing sophisticated data insight, cutting-edge technology, and industry leading expertise refined over 20 years.

Our focus and ingenuity means we deliver a real business advantage for financial institutions, investors and media partners around the world.

The company currently has offices in Spain (Madrid), UK (London), US (Chicago), Switzerland (Zurich and Biel), Germany (Frankfurt), France (Paris) and Sweden (Stockholm).