WebFG launches the new Broker of Banco Sabadell

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Web Financial Group (WebFG) has just launched a new digital solution for one of the biggest banks in Spain: Sabadell Broker.

Thanks to this new trading platform, investors are empowered to trade in worldwide markets through different financial products. Furthermore, investors have access to top research, news and charts, this is, a whole set of tools to invest wisely in just one click.  

Through an intuitive and accessible design, this complete platform that can be accessible both through mobile and computer, offers a complete bunch of main national and international markets. 

In Sabadell Broker investors can invest in indexes, stocks and ETFs by using different order types.

Once accessing to Sabadell Broker, users can be up to date on daily analysts opinions and recommendations, and have a look to markets movements at a glance. To consult a specific stock behavior, users can just search by name, and invest directly from the results view.  On top, Sabadell Broker lets investors access to indexes constituents information from a list, or through a chart. 


Sabadell Broker also includes a tool oriented to both experts and novice investors, the “Virtual portfolio”, which lets simulate different investments scenarios by analyzing current positions, historical movements, performances and assets type breakdowns. All this with just one click.