We do digital transformation


WebFG allows clients to undertake a flexible, scalable, transformative journey.

We combine their existing assets and the latest technology, data management and infrastructure services to provide the most efficient, relevant and impactful solutions.

This enables clients to stay ahead of the competition.

We have great scale and enormous usage. Our experience at a glance:

Over 250 financial services clients

Over 100 million users accessing our solutions every month

Over 10 billion web pages requests per day

Over 100 financial media portals powered

Over 50 million financial instruments managed

Over 100,000 concurrent users supported per second

We make digital transformation simple, cost-effective and seamlessly scalable:


WebFG’s best-in-show solutions have been tried and tested at scale. They provide a flexible, modular approach to meet clients’ specific needs through software, widgets and custom solutions.

Market data

We are vendor agnostic, supplying over 50 million different instruments in a multi-vendor, multi-asset data, multi-format delivery approach.

Private hybrid cloud

Our hybrid cloud flexibly combines proprietary physical data centers with third-party cloud platforms to simplify delivery.

Financial Media

We also create and supply proprietary financial content

Our in-house team of journalists produces news and research in Madrid (Bolsamania) and London (Sharecast).

Our team of over 40 staff based in London, Madrid and Latin America provide quality financial content and data.

This newsfeed is sold to banks, wealth managers and other financial websites, and also can deliver client-specific content customized for their needs.

Media leaders across the world use our financial news and research:
Top market terminals providers include our financial content:

At a glance:

Over 100 financial sites are fed by our news and research. Over 50 million readers access our content monthly.

We also own financial media portals

We own and operate www.bolsamania.com, the leading financial digital media site in Spain, and www.sharecast.com, one of the most popular financial websites in the UK.

With a combined 4.9 million unique users per month, these high-traffic sites are powerful assets for both user insights, and as a testing environment for new products and technologies.

In addition, we also own FinancialRed, the major network of financial blogs in Spanish language comprising over 500 vertical sites from top market insiders and influencers.

These robust testing and deep consumer insights drive our strategic product evolution.

Ad-Techh Network

We also have an extensive finance-focused Ad Tech network

Due to a gap between our client and its customers, WebFG Advertising owns a leading finance-focused publicity media network in Europe and Latin America. We offer client acquisition and activation through over 300 website properties and exclusive partners, with an audience of more than 22 million unique users globally.

We provide a range of advertising solutions to both banks and non-financial media brands comprising:

  • Traditional advertising and our new programmatic technology
  • Online display, paid social, mobile, video, branded content and email marketing

Brands can select the right target audience and personalize their marketing campaigns to drive better engagement and return on investment. We have:

Over 300 websites in our network

Over 22 million monthly active users

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