We do digital transformation


WebFG allows clients to undertake a flexible, scalable, transformative journey.

We combine their existing assets and the latest technology, data management and infrastructure services to provide the most efficient, relevant and impactful solutions.

This enables clients to stay ahead of the competition.

We have great scale and enormous usage. Our experience at a glance:

Over 250 financial services clients

Over 100 million users accessing our solutions every month

Over 10 billion web pages requests per day

Over 100 financial media portals powered

Over 50 million financial instruments managed

Over 100,000 concurrent users supported per second

We make digital transformation simple, cost-effective and seamlessly scalable:


WebFG’s best-in-show solutions have been tried and tested at scale. They provide a flexible, modular approach to meet clients’ specific needs through software, widgets and custom solutions.

Market data

We are vendor agnostic, supplying over 50 million different instruments in a multi-vendor, multi-asset data, multi-format delivery approach.

Private hybrid cloud

Our hybrid cloud flexibly combines proprietary physical data centers with third-party cloud platforms to simplify delivery.

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