Software is key to digitalization

We know digital transformation is hard.
We understand starting again costs too much.
We believe there is another way.

We have automated the process of empowering our clients’ internal systems and building their digital channels thanks to our highly flexible WebFG API

WebFG API comprises three core elements, which can be applied
individually or combined to meet any digital challenge:

1. Vendor data integration

WebFG API is integrated with all major data vendors, regional providers, exchanges and many additional sources through our Golden Data Hub (GDH), which is the data foundation to build best-in-breed digital solutions.

GDH is our proprietary platform which integrates the complex multi-data provider landscape to meet multi-asset institutional clients’ needs, covering any type of information stream, from any market vendor.

2. Construction

At the application layer, WebFG provides a wide range of off-the-shelf data, widgets and web fragments, products and ad-hoc solutions with intelligent search capabilities, comparison and analytical tools. This approach seamlessly combines data and functionality based on a flexible integration of customer proprietary and further third-party data.

3. End-user adaptation

The WebFG API is able to redistribute data and front-ends through both Rest Services (request mode) and Streaming Push in any required format, such as CSV, XML, JSON, FIX, XSLX, widgets, web fragments and HTML 5 hosted solutions. Our API works on websites, tablets, smartphones, TV, smart watches and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Our customer success story at a glance:

Over 1,000 front-end solutions deployed since 2000

Over 100 million users accessing our solutions every month

Over 50 million financial instruments managed

Over 100,000 concurrent users supported per second

Over 250 websites using our data, widgets, products and tools

Over 10 billion web page requests per day

Our software architecture allows us to empower our clients to unlock significant benefits:


Tailor-made to combine existing solutions with new widgets or products, or a complete off-the-shelf new solution

Digital transformation

Fast and effective rollout of state-of-the-art solutions


Solutions that can be deployed across multiple functions and divisions


With either existing in-house or third-party software and architecture

BBVA Trader is a new trading platform based on WebFG’s “Falcon

In 2016 BBVA launched BBVA Trader, a multi-asset trading platform developed by WebFG, using the innovative WebFG “Falcon” product.

Falcon is WebFG’s trading platform, which has been built on Stingray, a multi-channel, retail financial information and trading container, based on a multi-tenant web application using HTML5 responsive web design (RWD).

Falcon is a complete customizable solution that manages different web content, easily integrates third-party data sources and enables interaction between different content sources. It can seamlessly support on-boarding and know your customer (KYC) to execution management system (EMS), and order management system (OMS) technology and risk control and back office connectivity.

Falcon is prepared to connect with any third party system involved in the trading process:

  • Core bankings:
    • Temenos
    • Olympic
    • Summyt
    • Finnova
    • Avaloq
  • Custodians/Brokers:
    • Altura markets
    • Bank of New York
    • Allfunds
    • Nomura
    • Pershing
    • Saxo
  • Routings/Connectors:
    • Sungard
    • Bloomberg

News and research related to every single
investor´s portfolio

Another good example of trading ideas and customized solution we provide to the financial industry, is this aggregated news & research feed we provide to Fidelity International clients who receive personalized info related to their funds and its holdings.

Our feed forms the Fidelity Mobile News, which offers its clients access to performance information on their fund holdings, accompanied by financial editorial, news and commentary.

This content takes the form of text based articles and analysis, images and video.

So we aggregate different data sources selected by Fidelity (Dow Jones, Reuters, Share Cast, Fidelity,…) and create an aggregated news & research feed related to every single investors funds portfolio that empowers the global research that investors receive from Fidelity.

Additionally, customers are able to set personalized alerts to notify them of any large price movements in instruments they may be interested in. They can also receive regular updates on market news at key points throughout the trading day.

Barclays selected WebFG to build a multi-asset research center with multiple data sources

Barclays stockbrokers research center is one of the most reputable investment platforms in Europe. WebFG worked with Barclays since 2005 in a strategic partnership to meet Barclays’ business goals. These were: democratization of investment information, helping investors make the most informed decisions, thereby maximizing client satisfaction, client retention, revenue streams and minimizing costs.


Barclays selected WebFG to fully develop its Research Centre, as part of its Smart Investor offering to its retail client base.

Customers of Smart Investor are able to use the Research Centre to investigate domestic and international markets, including equities, funds, commodities, currencies and indices.

Customers are able to access instrument factsheets which provide complete information on past performance as well as financial statements, key ratios, charts, news and key company data.

Additionally, customers are able to set personalized alerts to notify them of any large price movements in instruments they may be interested in. They can also receive regular updates on market news at key points throughout the trading day.

Caixabank selected WebFG to build new websites based on HTML 5 flexible and multi-language widgets

Caixabank, Spain’s third largest bank, needed an all-in-one data and technology platform to deliver its digital transformation strategy.

WebFG was selected to offer in parallel a multi-vendor, multi-asset and multi- format global data distribution platform. In addition, WebFG delivered a modular HTML5 and multi-language widget-based web solution that Caixabank could use to manage on its own within its different internal and external portals.

Furthermore, WebFG calculates thousands of investors´porfolios on a daily basis, and empowers Caixabank native apps.

Web Financial Group’s Digital Framework (SaaS) soon live on Finnova ebanking

The Web Financial Group’s Digital Framework (SaaS) is seamlessly integrated into the e-banking suite of Finnova Banking Software with SIX market data and will be available for the April 2020/July 2020 release. This enables to provide timely and comprehensive market intelligence, investment recommendations and regulatory documents through the existing design solution of Web Financial Group. The “Digital Framework” is available from the existing e-banking portal which many customers already use in the Finnova e-banking platforms and can be activated as a supplementary functionality.

The Digital Framework impresses with its data consistency “front-to-back”, which is ensured by SIX data (data consistency in core banking, portal and e-banking). The solution from Web Financial Group supports the expansion of investment business and customer segmentation. Bank’s own research, recommendation lists, sentiment signals and third-party data can be displayed specifically in the desired customer segment.
Web Financial Group’s Digital Framework complies with legal requirements and is consistent with the legal and security requirements of the European Data Protection Regulation (EU-DSGVO/GDPR), ISO 27001, and FINMA Circular 18/3 Outsourcing Banks and Insurer.

With this partnership, we will live up to our commitment to provide information that is integrated, contextual and individualized. To improve decision quality and increase decision-making speed, this is at the heart of the partnership.

Simon Kauth, Finnova’s Chief Product Officer

WebFG API is now part of Avaloq Banking Suite

WebFG REST & Streaming Push API (WebFG API), built to provide independent, scalable, flexible multi-vendor, multi-asset and multi-format web services, by offering ‘best-of-class’ integration that aggregates many different data sources, is now part of Avaloq Banking Suite, one of the major core banking and digital banking providers, enabling clients to add WebFG digital market data, widgets, and microservices to their e-banking suite.