Private hybrid cloud

We provide our financial institution clients with their own private hybrid cloud. This combines both client and WebFG physical assets, and virtual servers from third party providers, to meet their technical and regulatory needs.

We deliver using highly-secure and scalable Tier 3 data centers in core cities around the world.

We use all the major third-party cloud service providers: AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud. In addition, WebFG uses content delivery networks (CDN) such as Cloudflare to maximize speed, and ensure deployment all over the world.

WebFG also uses relevant edge computing providers with global points of presence, such as Amazon CloudFront Global Edge Network, to deliver content to end users with low latency.

We combine physical data centres and cloud providers to best meet clients’ needs

Our private hybrid cloud approach is robust and flexible while delivering high performance:

Over 100 million users accessing our solutions every month

Over 10 billion web page requests per day

Redundant 10Tb physical lines among CPDs

Bandwidth 1Gb per sec designed to support peak traffic

Storing 4TB per day

Streaming servers 50Mb/sec streaming quotes that support up to 100,000+ concurrent users/sec

Our backend architecture allows us to empower our clients to unlock significant benefits:

Scalability & flexibility

Through our hybrid of physical and third-party cloud providers

Accommodate legacy assets

We can deliver seamless integration of legacy infrastructure

Cost effective

Our architecture is fully flexible to manage cost and availability

High availability

Our solutions meet highest service level agreement (SLA) standards required for business continuity and disaster recovery

Cyber security

Our solutions are structured to ensure compliance with GDPR and jurisdiction equivalent regimes

Regulatory compliance

Our solutions deliver local hosting to meet compliance standards in each relevant jurisdiction

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