Market data

Data is key to finance and competitive edge

WebFG can provide first-class market data, research, ratings and news on virtually any market or asset class globally. We can also supply the tools to manage, optimize and deliver all your data with seamless efficiency.

We have 20 years’ experience of delivering high volumes of data across millions of instruments, which grows 30% every year.

We know that data is an important cost that is hard to manage efficiently.

We are vendor agnostic and have integrated over 50 million instruments into our Golden Data Hub, underpinned by many vendors.

Our multi-vendor and asset data warehouse, Golden Data Hub (GDH), is the data foundation to build cost-effective digital solutions.

GDH manages all major data vendors, regional providers, exchanges, news and research agencies and can be combined with clients’ proprietary data and quotes, as well as many additional sources.

GDH is single platform, rationalizing the complex multi-providers and multi-asset data providers, covering any type of asset coming from any data source existing in the market. Examples include:

  • Stock exchanges
  • Data vendors
  • Prime brokers
  • Investment managers
  • News and research agencies
  • Bank quotes and proprietary data

Our market data activity at a glance:

Over 80 data sources types

Over 100 million users accessing our solutions every month

Over 50 million financial instruments managed

Over 26 million proprietary quotes from banks

Over 250 websites using our data, widgets, products and tools

Over 10 billion web page requests per day

Our data architecture allows us to empower our clients to unlock significant benefits:

Cost reduction

Rationalization of suppliers and usage


Single point of service


Consistency of data usage across the organization

Mifid II compliance

Delivering best execution through data quality control

High availability

Combined with reliable redundancy ensures business continuity

The Mootley Fool leverages on WebFG API to build a central data warehouse to power all internal and external solutions

The Motley Fool chose to work with WebFG to manage and deliver its mission-critical data and digital solutions by working with our team to build one central fully hosted data warehouse.

WebFG’s solution was required as new requirements and teams buying data on-demand caused time-resource debt. This cost Motley Fool’s teams a lot of resources to manage and deliver mission critical data and digital solutions.

Our solution resulted in streamlined data management and reduced acquisition of redundant data. In addition, The Motley Fool noted the benefits of building custom APIs, widgets and content modules served from one central data warehouse to power all internal and external solutions.

WebFG’s data management tools enable Inversis to manage data concurrently from both a primary and secondary provider as Inversis decides, and display it in the company’s web-based market solutions.

This streaming data service for Inversis transactional systems is totally redundant, so fully compliant with MIFID II, thanks to WebFG’s multi-vendor data platform.

Banco Sabadell needed a business continuity solution that seamlessly managed two data providers at once. Using the WebFG API, both push and pull data is sent simultaneously by primary and secondary providers. This feed two websites and the transactional platform. At any time, Sabadell can use the secondary feed if the primary feed fails.

So Banco Sabadell is in the position to offer business continuity to its clients as WebFG API provides hot-hot data feeds with different data vendors, so its competitive advantage is really meaningful.

Would you like to know more about better managing your market data across your organization?