BBVA Trading Platform

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BBVA TRADER, a new trading platform based on Falcon

In 2016 BBVA launched BBVA Trader, a multi-asset trading platform developed by WebFG, using the innovative WebFG “Falcon” product.

Falcon is WebFG’s trading platform, which has been built on Stingray, a multi-channel, retail financial information and trading container, based on a multi-tenant web application using HTML5 responsive web design (RWD).

Falcon is a complete customizable solution that manages different web content, easily integrates third-party data sources and enables interaction between different content sources. It can seamlessly support on-boarding and know your customer (KYC) to execution management system (EMS), and order management system (OMS) technology and risk control and back office connectivity.

Falcon is prepared to connect with any third party system involved in the trading process:

  • Core bankings:
    • Temenos
    • Olympic
    • Summyt
    • Finnova
    • Avaloq
  • Custodians/Brokers:
    • Altura markets
    • Bank of New York
    • Allfunds
    • Nomura
    • Pershing
    • Saxo
  • Routings/Connectors:
    • Sungard
    • Bloomberg

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