Barclays StockBrokers research center

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BARCLAYS selected WebFG to build a multi-asset research centre with multiple data sources.

Barclays Stockbrokers Research Center is one of the most reputable investment platforms in Europe. WebFG worked with Barclays since 2005 in a strategic partnership to meet Barclays’ business goals. These were: democratization of investment information, helping investors make the most informed decisions, thereby maximizing client satisfaction, client retention, revenue streams and minimizing costs.


Barclays selected WebFG to fully develop its Research Centre, as part of its Smart Investor offering to its retail client base. Customers of Smart Investor are able to use the Research Centre to investigate domestic and international markets, including equities, funds, commodities, currencies and indices.

Customers are able to access instrument factsheets which provide complete information on past performance as well as financial statements, key ratios, charts, news and key company data.

Additionally, customers are able to set personalized alerts to notify them of any large price movements in instruments they may be interested in. They can also receive regular updates on market news at key points throughout the trading day.

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